About Us

Consolidated Laboratory Management System (CLMS), LLC has been working diligently to become the market leader in clinical laboratory management services. We have created a model that offers physician group practices and independent non-physicians a seamless, compliant vehicle to clinical independent reference laboratory ownership.

Starting an ancillary clinical laboratory to better serve your patients and or customers is a daunting task. Not only is the process time consuming, expensive, and exhausting, misinformation and uncertainty is prevalent in the marketspace. The CLMS model allows for a seamless, fully compliant process that simplifies all of the credentialing, business and laboratory elements of high complexity clinical reference laboratory ownership. This process provides guidance to help you avoid the obstacles, costs and most importantly the uncertainties of keeping this source of revenue within your own organization.

At CLMS, we pride ourselves on stringent compliance to all regulatory and legal matters in all facets of our business. The CLMS model has undergone exhaustive legal scrutiny, and the team at CLMS is extremely proud to present our clients with proper reassurance that the model we have in place is in compliance with the law.

We have strived to make clinical reference laboratory ownership a customer service oriented process from every aspect to provide our customers with a production facility within a matter of weeks. At CLMS, we offer your laboratory a full range of drug monitoring services focused on providing the resources and support your accounts will need to effectively monitor and treat their patients.  We would be honored and dedicated to help you achieve your goal to create your own lab and provide a higher quality of care.

We would love the opportunity to discuss the details of the model and implementation process in person. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you are interested in learning more.



CLMS Consolidated Laboratory Management Systems (CLMS) is in the business of assisting organizations interested in owning their own clinical toxicology laboratory.