Our Services

CLMS strives to make clinical reference laboratory ownership a customer service oriented process from every aspect to provide our customers with a production facility within a matter of weeks. We have created a model   that offers physician group practices and independent non-physicians a seamless, compliant vehicle to clinical independent reference laboratory ownership. We offer the below services to our clients.                                        

Clinical Laboratory Startup & Implementation

Lab Startup would include the services needed to implement the laboratory. Likely all one time charges.

  • Personnel – Hiring/Training/Credentialing
    • Laboratory
    • Specimen Handling
    • Customer service
    • Medical director
  • Facility – Design/implementation (see exhibit A)
    • Design/Construction of Physical Space
    • Lab instrumentation
    • Lab supplies
    • Automation
    • Logistics/IT
    • Requisition
    • Shipping
    • EMR/HER Interfacing
  • Laboratory Developed Tests (LDT)
    • Method development
    • Validation
    • Quality Control/Assurance
    • CPT Coding
    • Standard Operating Protocol (SOP)
  • Credentialing
    • CLIA
    • COLA
    • CAP
    • Medicare
    • State specific laboratory credentialing

Lab Business Planning Consultation

Clinical Laboratory Ancillary Service Business Planning Consultation

  • Business Model Development
    • Clinical lab send out review
    • Medical necessity review
    • Reference work integration
  • Financial Model Development
    • Coding review
    • Billing strategies
  • Laboratory Management Development
    • Employees
    • Instrumentation/IT
    • Logistics/Purchasing
    • Quality Assurance/Control Plan
    • Credentialing/Compliance

All inclusive is a onetime fee, thereafter $150/hour consultation fee.

Lab Operations Management & Improvement

Clinical Lab Operations, Management & Continuous Improvement services include

  • Personnel – Management/Training
    • Laboratory
      • Ph.D. Scientist(s)
      • Med Tech(s)
    • Specimen Handling
    • Customer service
    • Medical director
  • Laboratory – Management (per month)
    • Facility Lease
    • Facility Management
    • Utilities
    • Consumables purchases
    • Instrumentation Lease
    • Vendor Relations
    • Compliance
    • Specimen Processing
    • Biohazard Waste Disposal
  • Logistics
    • Requisition
    • Shipping
    • Collection supplies
    • Interfacing
    • Customer Service
  • Facility Insurance(s)
  • Laboratory Reference Work Integration
  • Additional State Credentialing
  • Laboratory Developed Tests (LDT)
    • Method development
    • Validation
    • Quality Control/Assurance
    • CPT Coding
    • Standard Operating Protocol (SOP)

Fees will likely be bundled into a per test fee. For simplicity, a test is each method run. Multiple methods can be run per specimen.

CLMS Value Added Services

CLMS offers the following additional services to our clients

  • Hospital outreach consultation
  • Meaningful use clinical lab review
  • Laboratory Customer Service review
  • Marketing services/Seminars/Laboratory Outreach

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